Orthodontists Explain the Trouble with Your Crossbite

orthodontist explain trouble with crossbite dentist Sugar HillThere are two distinct categories of orthodontic problems: cosmetic and functional. One of these (cosmetic) may be technically healthy but aesthetically undesirable. The other (functional) can lead to the rapid deterioration of your teeth along with a number of health and lifestyle complications. Sugar Hill orthodontists explain the trouble with one common functional concern: the crossbite.

What is a crossbite?

This term describes an unhealthy relationship between the upper and lower teeth. In a healthy scenario, the upper teeth will slightly overlap the lower teeth when the teeth are closed together. When a crossbite occurs, the lower teeth will actually overlap the upper teeth when the teeth are in a biting position. The crossbite can affect all of teeth, the front or the back teeth, or even just a few teeth.

What’s the problem with the crossbite?

An untreated crossbite leaves the teeth vulnerable to stressful and uneven biting forces. In time, you may notice frequent headaches and migraines as the jaw joint and muscles struggle to overcome the tension and stress on the jaws and teeth. Many people also suffer with uncontrollable clenching or grinding of the teeth in response to a crossbite.

In fact, the growth and development of the face and jaw can be dramatically influenced by an untreated crossbite. What’s more, the teeth can begin to give way to the stress of a poorly aligned bite. Here’s where we begin to see signs of receding gums, broken teeth, fractured fillings, and even tooth loss.

How is it corrected?

The orthodontist could use braces, expanders, or surgery to achieve a healthier bite relationship. In most cases, these treatments should be performed during the adolescent years, if possible. Orthodontists are also known to combine multiple therapies in order to arrive at the desired outcome in the most conservative manner possible.

What else would you like to know?

Sugar Hill orthodontists are prepared to address your questions and concerns about crossbites and other orthodontics conditions. Call to schedule your consultation today.