Megan at workstationYou have choices when it comes to orthodontic treatment for yourself and your children. We at the Sugar Hill orthodontics practice of Whitney Orthodontics believe we offer a level of treatment and service you won’t find elsewhere, and we’re proud to share those details with you:

  • The best interest of each patient is at the heart of every treatment decision we make.
  • Office hours cater to elementary, middle and high school schedules. Opening at 7 a.m. several days a week makes it possible to avoid missing valuable school time to get to appointments.
  • Patients meet with their orthodontist at every visit.
  • A rewards program enables patients to earn points that are redeemed to play games, order gift cards and win other great prizes.
  • The B4B Club (before braces) is for children who need to be monitored so we can identify the ideal time to begin treatment.
  • We give back to this community by supporting numerous local schools and offering a donation program to support their needs.
  • We help support a medical mission in Haiti that provides much-needed medical and dental treatment.
  • We belong to the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation, which provides free orthodontic treatment to children ages 11 to 18 who otherwise may not have the opportunity to acquire assistance.

We award the S.M.I.L.E. Scholarship each year to several deserving high school seniors who are current or former students.