Self-Ligating Braces for High-Tech Ortho

Like most medical technologies, we have seen an exciting evolution when it comes to the techniques and tools used for modern orthodontic treatments.  If you live in the Sugar Hill area, you can benefit from the use of these innovative advancements by choosing an orthodontist who is abreast of the latest technologies and concepts. Choosing an orthodontist with modern skills ensures that your recommended treatment will be up-to-date and appropriate for the results that you desire.

in-ovationSelf-ligating braces are an example of one of the most radical changes that we are seeing in the orthodontic industry. Orthodontists are taking a closer look at friction and its effect on tooth movement. Conventional braces feature elastic or steel ties to hold the bracket and the arch wire together. While this technique does eventually move the teeth into the desired position, the tremendous amount of friction that is created makes for an uncomfortable and lengthy treatment experience.

With the use of new passive self-ligating brackets, we can eliminate the unnecessary friction by using a sliding mechanism to keep the arch wire in place. These brackets are designed to enable the wire to glide rather than be locked tightly with elastic ties. This modern approach utilizes more effective forces and decreases friction, creating a treatment experience that is typically faster and more comfortable than traditional methods. It is a new approach that yields impressive results and enables orthodontists to correct crowding without the need for palatal expanders or unnecessary tooth extractions.

Advanced technology has made it possible for orthodontists to deliver improved results with more comfort. As more is understood about the forces that allow the teeth to move, the orthodontic process will continue to evolve and improve. To take advantage of self-ligating braces and other orthodontic breakthroughs, partner with a Sugar Hill orthodontist who embraces new technology and concepts.