Make an Adult Decision about Braces

Make an Adult Decision about BracesSugar Hill orthodontists have recognized that more grown-ups are interested in enhancing their appearance, and adult braces have grown in popularity as a result. More and more adults are realizing that braces can be a good choice at just about any age.

Braces have changed the lives of millions of adults by providing perfectly aligned smiles in a way that will be healthy and long lasting. That’s because adult braces do more than just make your smile beautiful. Straighter teeth can make oral hygiene easier and reduces the possibility of dental problems later in life.

Even chewing and speaking are easier after the teeth have been corrected with adult braces. If your teeth are crooked or your bite is misaligned, you’ll find that the benefits of braces are definitely worth it!

Don’t worry about your dignity, appearance, or confidence!

There are so many types of adult braces available that you don’t have to worry about the way that you’ll be perceived by your peers. Tooth-colored adult braces consist of ceramic brackets that are designed to blend in with your teeth. There are also mini-brackets that can be used to minimize the profile of your braces.

Braces that are practically invisible are now popular among adults as well. The Invisalign® system consists of clear aligners that no one will be able to notice during normal social interactions. There are also some accelerated orthodontic options for adults who don’t want to spend years in traditional braces. For the young at heart, there are gold braces, colorful braces and even glow-in-the-dark braces. While these options may be appealing to some adults, most are perfectly happy with traditional metal braces if that’s what it takes to get a healthier and more attractive smile.

Make a Grown-Up Decision

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment depends on several clinical factors and also your own personal interests. Consider speaking with a Sugar Hill orthodontist today for help in making your decision.