Full-Service Ortho for All Ages

When you think of orthodontic treatment, dental braces probably come to mind. And you likely associate braces with kids and teenagers. But orthodontic treatment spans a wide array of services for all ages. In Sugar Hill, kids and adults rely on the leading-edge orthodontic care delivered by Dr. Elaine Whitney, Dr. James Whitney, and Dr. Tricia Robertson.

Customized Care

Adult OrthodonticsDifferent age ranges require different kinds of care. At Whitney Orthodontics, we’ll craft a tailored solution to address your individual needs.

  • Kids age 7 and above may benefit from early orthodontic treatment to correct bite misalignment or create space for permanent teeth to emerge.
  • Older kids, preteens, and teens who need braces can choose from a wide variety of solutions, including the popular Invisalign Teen.
  • Adults wear braces, too! And we’ve got personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of adults who require orthodontic care but who don’t want to draw attention to their treatment. Clear aligners and braces offer unobtrusive, yet fast and highly effective treatment.
  • We offer orthognathic surgery to treat skeletal and dental abnormalities that hinder oral health and function.

Benefits of a Healthy Smile

The right time for a great smile is now! Orthodontic treatment can deliver a wealth of benefits of benefits for patients of all ages and in all stages of life. A smile that looks good, feels comfortable, and functions well can serve you for a lifetime. Our goal is to provide the optimal solution for your needs to help you maintain good oral health and a smile that delivers lasting results.

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