Clear Aligners Let You Choose

InvisalignOrthodontic treatment is a great choice for kids and adults who want to improve their smiles. The proven principles of orthodontic methods move teeth into their ideal arrangement, which promotes optimal aesthetics, improved oral health, and comfortable function. Sugar Hill residents rely on Dr. Elaine Whitney, Dr. James Whitney, and Dr. Tricia Robertson for innovative braces options.

One of those most popular options available are clear aligners. You’ve likely seen the TV commercials or read about this treatment type. You probably even know people who’ve achieved great smiles with clear aligners. But what you may not know is that clear aligners offer you choices to address your unique needs.

How Clear Aligners Works

Clear aligners are made of BPA-free acrylic to move teeth. These nearly invisible aligners fit snugly over teeth and exert gentle pressure that promote proper positioning. Clear aligners can close gaps between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and correct bite misalignments. The removable aligners give you the freedom and flexibility to eat what you want, enjoy metal-free orthodontic treatment, and experience outstanding results.

Find the Solution that Works for You

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