4 Tips to Shorten Your Time with Braces

Living Through BracesMoving your teeth takes time. Whether you have opted for Invisalign, Six Month Smile, or the Damon system, achieving a healthy and attractive bite can require several months or years of treatment. That’s why most of the orthodontists in Sugar Hill will try to provide you with an accurate and realistic estimate in terms of the length of your treatment. They’ll work to complete your treatment as quickly as possible without harming your teeth, roots, bones, or gums.

However, there are a few things that you can do to keep your treatment moving along as quickly as possible. Using the following tips, you can avoid the mistakes that could delay the final outcome.

  1. Keep your scheduled appointments. Throughout the orthodontic process, you will need to visit the office regularly for adjustments and checkups. These appointments are carefully timed to maximize the movement of your teeth. Skipping or delaying these appointments are a sure way to stall your progress.
  2. Do your homework. Occasionally you may be asked to use additional orthodontic appliances at home. These could include palatal expanders, removable aligners, headgear, or retainers. Your orthodontist is counting on you to do your part at home in order to maintain forward progress.
  3. Be careful. Broken brackets and wires can bring tooth movement to a halt. Watch out for the hard foods and bad habits that could damage your braces. In the event that your braces become broken or damaged, contact the orthodontist’s office right away for a repair.
  4. Practice good oral health. Gum disease, gingivitis, and cavities can slow or end your orthodontic experience. It is often necessary to remove the braces of patients who are suffering from uncontrolled dental diseases. Work consistently to manage plaque and food debris by using dental floss and the products which have been recommended by your orthodontist.

Become the star patient of all of the orthodontists in the Sugar Hill area by adhering to these healthy tips. For more information about success with braces schedule your appointment today.